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The BMC are inviting you to:

The Black Men’s Consortium presents Without Planning Permission!

Friday 11th November 8.00pm & Saturday 12th November 2.30pm & 8.00pm 

Brixton House Theatre 385 Coldharbour Lane Brixton SW9 8GL


About the show:

This community engagement event immerses you in film, interactivity, debate and includes improvisation. With a fantastic cast of performers, this interactive performance takes you into dimensions you have never seen before. On the Mary Warner Estate, an emergency community meeting is being held to discuss the changes that have affected the residents that live on the estate.

Without Planning Permission! explores themes that Black Men feel they have to both deal with and be accountable for when it comes to protecting their communities. Using film, debates, and improvisation each character and situation will be examined, with the hope of understanding how Black Men feel and the pressures that Black Men are under in this society.

The Black Men’s Consortium is a peer-led exploration arts project in which Black men of African descent meet to experience positive and meaningful interactions and discuss issues that matter to them.

Imagine the scene…

Spectators enter the space to find performances triggered by their presence. As you move between positions a character comes to life and engages you in a unique encounter. The spectator learns that they are someone important in that character’s life. Spectators move between positions to explore a range of individual encounters – each one a meeting, a journey, a disclosure. Every position is in a different location, 20 positions 20 improvisers 20 encounters. You become empowered to decide the ultimate fate of the characters.

Questions to think about:

  • How can Black Men survive a post COVID UK and remain proactive during these challenging and uncertain times?
  • How do we ensure that Black Men can survive in an unjust society?
  • What are the current obstacles Black Men face now after nearly 75 years since Windrush?
  • What can Black Men do collectively to look after their Mental Health & Wellbeing and address our current reality?
  • How might Black Men sustain meaningful contributions to a new paradigm that tackles Systemic Racism?
  • How Might Black Men build and develop sustainable economic wealth? 
  • How might Black Men not end up overrepresented in the harshest statistics in our society for criminal justice, health, mental health and life expectancy?
  • How can Black Men support and guide the next generation so that we are better prepared for civil action?

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