action research

The below videos demonstrate some of our live performances (and zoom)

Our work often provokes the audience to consider alternatives

This video demonstrates how the audience interaction element works within the show
This video is our zoom performance show during Mental Health Awareness Week Friday 14th May 2021

This video is is a performance we did at a Mental Health Festival in Dagenham October 2020
Full performance and audience interaction at Streatham Library February 2019
Audience interaction at the Karibu Centre Brixton October 2019

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Full performance at Streatham Library February 2020
Warming up the audience before the show at Streatham Library February 2020
Warm up exercise with audience before the show at Brixton Library February 2020
Full zoom show and audience interaction
Audience Interaction from zoom performance 25th May 2020
Zoom breakout rooms and debate from our performance
This zoom performance was part of world health day and stress awareness month 7th April 2021
Second zoom performance that was part of world health day and stress awareness month 9th April 2021

The below videos show you some of the games, we employ in our weekly workshops.

The man who does not play has lost forever the child who lived in him and who he will miss terribly. Pablo Neruda

Follow my leader game is often played by the group at the very beginning of our sessions after the check in.
Yes Lets! is one of our favourites and works well for everyone no matter the suggestion is!
Bandleader game invites different kinds of skills from the players to play effectively
Egg, Bird & Supreme Being game is often where some participants employ devious tactics and strategies to remain cream of the crop!
123 Bradford is a classic pairs game but here the players are in two groups trying to make it work.
The Bears are Coming! requires concentration and focus. Easy for some but difficult for others.
Follow the Sound brings about trust, awareness and listening as sometimes it can be difficult to hear within the forest of sounds
The Blind Car is fun to play if you can operate a car without any problems
The Rhythm Game (part 1)
The Rhythm Game (part 2)
The Splat Game, you need to be quick on the draw!
The Jumping Game, is it possible that the whole group can jump together all at once?
Guess The Word game it’s not always easy to physically express a word for the other team to guess
The Salt & Pepper game, for this one needs to remain cool calm and collective whilst problem solving otherwise….

Below are exercises we have experimented with

Four Word Build is it possible to represent the expression “Mental Health” in four words? it takes time!
The Pinball analogy is employed to gain insights into the pressures at large inside the mind of our character Kwame
Stigma Improvisation part 1
Stigma Improvisation part 2