Welcome! Tony Cealy is the founder of BMC. He is the Director & Producer of 492 Korna Klub the UK’s only weekly improvised radio drama exploring social issues amongst the black community.  He is a recognised ‘Artistic Agitator Fellow’- connecting strangers to begin the difficult conversations in shared spaces about Brixton, it’s residents and it’s history: Brixton House. A curator of 81 Acts of Exuberant Defiance [Instagram] – a radical reclaiming of heritage – to imagine, experiment and create new futures. A major facilitator & trainer at the Core Learning Group– A project that sets out to envisage how civil society in London might better share resources and power to drive change. Read more to discover Tony’s past projects and methods.

The Black Men’s Consortium is a performance project/charity for Black men that aims to provide support and nurture around mental health issues that affect their lives. We use games, exercises and techniques from in order to explore stuckness, blockages,   inequalities and injustices that Black men experience in their daily lives.  Through the ongoing creative weekly sessions (offline and online) we aim to:

  • build strategies for citizen action 
  • analyse, understand and overcome situations of oppression 
  • make theatre to understand the reality we live in, the collective search for alternatives to injustice, power imbalances and inequality in access to resources and opportunities 
  • build solidarity to find concrete means for transforming unjust realities, overcoming oppression and building the future the men long for

We also use improvisation and storytelling to alleviate isolation, anxiety, depression and stress. The men work towards developing plans to create change within their mental health which acts as a catalyst to promote health and wellbeing and strengthen skills and local knowledge, particularly about how they access support.

Recurring questions that seem to trigger us into action have been:

  • How can Black Men survive in a post COVID 19 world and remain proactive during these challenging and uncertain times?
  • How do we ensure that Black Men are not the first to die in this ongoing pandemic or in police custody?
  • What are the current obstacles Black Men face in the time of post lockdown? 
  • What can Black Men do collectively to look after their Mental Health & Wellbeing and address our current reality?
  • How can Black Men support and guide the next generation so that we are better prepared for civil action?

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