the black mens consortium

The Black Men’s Consortium Better Health & Wellbeing programme is community-led exploration arts project in which 100 Black Men of African Descent meet to experience positive and meaningful interactions and discuss issues that matter to them.  

Through opportunities to express oneself, speak, learn and empower themselves creatively by using and mixing politics with art (multimedia, visual art, music, poetry and drama*) in order to make performances which is rooted in the group members’ experiences.

It’s a space in which differences of opinion and unspoken feelings and resentments can be safely voiced and shared. The group works together every Monday evening 18.00 – 21.00 in Brixton to creatively cement long term relationships which lead to shared activities. 

The material we create showcases the reality of how mental health and well-being services are experienced in the post Covid-19 world.

The local community, the local authority, and NHS local services are invited to share their views and opinions on the material presented to creatively explore how we collectively could transform that reality and through active methods we will search for alternatives for building solidarity and better health and wellbeing services for Black men. 

The Black Men’s Consortium was formed by local men who are concerned about mental health in the Black community particularly high rates of mental illness and suicide amongst Black men. It includes service users, health professionals, activists and creatives.  

The term ‘drama’ is taken as a collaborative event which might have one of the following objectives: recreation, learning, experimentation, healing, debate, confidence-building, and research into social conflict.

Working with the Black Men’s Consortium will enable you to gain:

Confidence to take the creative actions necessary to move yourself towards your own success

Answers to the questions you’ve been afraid to ask about how to live as a creative man and enjoy a satisfying lifestyle

Courage to attempt and achieve better that will affect society when presented

Inspiration to access your highest self, in order to live your best life

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