What if...?

Theatre is a form of knowledge, it should and can also be a means of transforming society. In our weekly workshop sessions we find that theatre and being playful can help us build the futures we long for rather than just waiting for it to happen.

What if…?

…black men who struggle with their mental health and well being had access to:

…black men who struggle with their mental health and well-being have the potential to:

At the BMC we have noticed that in every corner of our nation, Black men face persistent challenges. We want to confront these issues head-on, and having a regular on-going space where men can convene are an opportunity to get to know others in the space and lay the foundation for transformative, cross-sectoral systemic action.

When we gather, we acknowledge the rich tapestry of history that has shaped the fight for civil rights in the UK. It’s a journey marked by resilience, determination and contributions of countless individuals who have paved the way for better opportunities for Black communities and an end to systemic racism.

Our commitment to collective creative action for race-equity systems change stems from our understanding that progress is a collaborative effort. Together, we can break down the obstacles that hinder progress, creating a pathway towards a more equitable and just society.

Our rehearsals and weekly coming sessions are not just about Black unity, it’s about championing the shared goal of creating a society where everyone has equal opportunities. Each person's presence and support are crucial as we strive for lasting change.

We'd like you to join us to celebrate the progress we have made to this day, acknowledge the challenges ahead and together, build a future where unity prevails and Black equity triumphs.