Our weekly sessions are all different, its experiential learning at its best!

We always carry out regular rituals that orbit around checking in and checking out with the group members. During these rituals we become present, and distinguish people before process, and weave the past into today’s session.

We become stronger and wiser through the unique contributions of each of us; and we practice growing our muscles to really sense into what the group might be needing in the here and now.

Sessions are held at Mosaic Clubhouse, 65 Effra Road, London, SW2 1BZ on Mondays between 6pm – 9pm. You are welcome to join us but if you want to have a chat beforehand please contact Tony on 07956 877358

Often out of the rituals come the following:

1. Coming together, making our space: This is our starting point, and starting points matter. Who is here? Who are we together? How can this be a thriving space for us all? What do we need to learn and grow openly and honestly together? We begin to shape the rituals that will guide us and co-create the container for our learning journey in today’s session.

2. Our experiences of uncertainty & complexity: What do we notice about the processes we use to work, live, and organize together? What microstructures might support different kinds of interactions? What paradigms are being disrupted? What rigid ideas and habits are loosening and ready for transformation? What new ideas and practices need more resources and nourishment to take hold?

3. Purpose, the most essential ingredient: What are the ingredients for a sharp, bold, meaningful purpose? How can getting clear on our purpose(s) help us filter and specify our creative choices towards more meaningful outcomes?

4. Wise men: How do we better unleash and include the wisdom of everyone in the room? What ways exist to invite in more voices, more perspectives, and more ideas? How do we attend to the diversity in the room and not flatten complexity?

5. Design & Creative Journey: How do we craft experiences that guide and support a group of men to get to where they need to go? How do we think about stringing together different modes of creativity that meet our objectives? Let’s build our capacity to get clear on the underlying issues coming out of our creativity and notice how each choice is supporting an overarching purpose or objective.

6. S/Lowdown: Let’s have more of that rarity–blocks of time set aside to slow down, reflect, and make sense together. Where are you longing to go deeper? Where do we need more experimentation and practice? What tiny adjustments could we make to make ourselves the better person?

7. Dynamic, perceptive & responsive spaces: How can we embrace the complexity in the room and the system, not as a barrier but as a creative source? How do we build our skill to meet inequality and injustice with enough curiosity to extract learning and contributions that we might not otherwise welcome? How do we hold care for those in the room who are used to the status quo, who need support as we make room for more to be discovered, collectively?

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Workshop Activities

Below is a sample of some of the games, exercises and techniques we have employed during our sessions.

Salt N Pepper Game For Problem Solving

Pinball Machine

Follow My Leader

Yes Let's


Egg Bird & Supreme Being Game

123 Bradford

Follow The Sound

Blind Car