About Us

We draw from the past to live in the present for the benefit of the future

The Black Men’s Consortium is a intergenerational user-led creative arts & health project for men of colour with lived experience of life challenges where they can grow and support each other through the difficulties that they face. We aim to provide support and nurture around mental health issues that affect their lives. We mix art and politics along with a playful mixture of games, exercises and techniques as a medicine to heal the wounds whilst exploring the stuckness, blockages and difficulties men experience in their daily lives.

Through the ongoing creative weekly sessions we aim to:

  • develop strategies for citizen action
  • analyse understand and overcome situations of oppression
  • make performances to understand the reality we live in, the collective search for alternatives to injustice, power imbalances & inequality in access to resources and opportunities
  • build solidarity to find concrete means for transforming unjust realities, overcoming oppression and building the future the men long for

We use improvisation and storytelling to alleviate isolation, anxiety, depression and stress. The men work towards developing plans to create change within their mental health which acts as a catalyst to promote health and wellbeing and strengthen skills and local knowledge, particularly about how they access support.