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Support Groups

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Black Knowledge Society
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Black Men Healing [Instagram] 
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Baring Foundation
Improving creative opportunities for people with mental health problems from ethnically diverse backgrounds.
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Black Minds Matter
Connecting Black individuals and families with free mental health services.
We improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness.
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Local Services

The Black therapist directory. 
Black Mental Health
Live virtual events for the African and Caribbean community.
Online community space connecting black families to access specific news and resources for networking.
Working intergenerationally for the future of communities.
Black Lives Matter
Join the Revolution.
The UK's leading independent race equality think tank.
Stand up to Power, the government must not become untouchable.


Prevent suicide coalition.
London Arts in Health Forum
A membership organisation which aims to develop the role of culture in wellbeing.
Culture Health & Wellbeing Alliance
Connecting culture and health. A national membership organisation representing creativity and cultural engagement as a key aspect of our health and wellbeing.
Truth, justice and accountability.
British Medical Association.
BAME Labour
Labour party home for it's BAME members, official page.
The Red Card
Show racism the red card movement.
Stand Against Racism
Report hate crimes now, stand against racism and inequality.
100 Black Men of London
Create, organise and deliver a wide range of great programmes for our youth and wider community.
Access UK
Access UK [African Caribbean Careers & Employment Support Services UK] is a BME careers solution specialist.
National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance
Our aim is to insure the arts are used within the criminal justice system as springboard for positive change.
Black British History
Based in the institute of Commonwealth Studies, our aim is to foster a creative dialogue between researchers, educators, archivists, curators and policy makers.


Mosaic Clubhouse
Partner venue ...
Father 2 Father 
Helpful resources ...
 listen festival photos of the black men's consortium
Reform Institute
Additional support ...
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Sheila McKechnie Foundation 
Support organisation ...
Black People Giving
Journeying towards abundance & prosperity in health and wealth for the global African community.
Mind, the Mental Health Charity  
Information and support for those fighting for mental health.
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1000 black boys
A day of inspiration for youn gbalck boys and young black men to discover purpose and inspiration.
56 Black Men
Let's not forget. I am not a stereotype.


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BME Volunteer
Partner organisation ...
Race on the agenda.
Charity So White
Tackling institutional racism in the charity sector.
Asian Women's Resource Centre
Over 70 leaders working with refugee women
UK Black Pride
Europe's largest ...
Operation Black Vote
The home of Black Politics.
Studio GIL has worked on a variety of projects with ethnic minorities, communities, groups and organisations blending design sensibility and craft with social agency.
Inclusive Mosque Initiative
is an intersectional feminist mosque dedicated to creating inclusive and safer spaces of worship.
Is an activist collective that challenges Afriphobia and the misrepresentation of African people, culture and history in British media.
Black Thrive
The only vehicle to liberation is building an organisation that can empower the global black nation. -Kehinde Andrews
The Black Curriculum
Re-imagining the future of education through Black British history.
Blueprint for All
Create change for young people and communities.
Sistah Space
A community based non-profit initiative created to bridge the gap in domestic abuse issues for African heritage women and girls.
Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights
Scottish strategic racial equality charity that focuses on eliminating racial discrimination and harassment and promote racial justice across Scotland.
Race Equality Foundation
Promoting racial equality.
The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network.
Find My Past
Unlock your family history.
Black British Business Awards, founded in 2014, celebrates the exceptional performance and outstanding achievements of black professionals.
Black British Network
Global Village Radio
Instagram page for Black Dads
Cephas Williams 

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